Friday, November 21, 2008

i want these..

dammit.. i was browsin the net and i came accross these.. damn.. i want them.. i dont know where to pick these up at though.. dammit.. 


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't be Mr. Broke-ass-weak-shit boyfriend

About a week ago I was buying some food at a Teriyaki Chicken place. Upon entering there was a couple in line in front of me. The girl was dressed in sweats, (it was a pretty cold day) and kind of bummy looking and the dude was in typical "hypebeast" attire. (54/50 hat, random "trendy" t-shirt, bright colored sneakers and whathaveyou.) Anyways they order their food and the mexican dude at the counter rings them up. The total came out to $10.36. The girl looks in her wallet and she only has a $10. She looks over to the bf and goes, "Babe, do you have 35 cents?"

Dude replies, "No I don't have any money."

I'm thinking man what a weak ass mofo. He's all decked out in his hypebeast shit, which I know isn't all that cheap but he doesn't even have a dollar to give to his girl, who, I don't even know why is buying him food in the first place. WEAK!

So... because they didn't have enough cash the girl had to end up paying with her card. To add insult to injury, she also had to pay $1.50 surcharge to use a card at that place.

I step up and order my food then go outside to have a smoke meanwhile their food comes out. The girl had like a little tiny chicken & rice bowl while the dude had a big ass combo plate and a drink. WTF. What a weak little biotch. You're broke, but you got nice clothes on and you make your girl pay for your food when she's not even eating that much, cause well probably because your shit cost so much that she had to get a smaller portion because your weak/fat ass ordered something so expensive. I can't stand guys like that. What happened to men? All I see nowwadays are BOYS. Weakshit little boys who can't handle their shit. Get yourself a fucking job. Don't even get a girl if you can't treat her right.

Ladies, don't take this shit. I know, I know, now all you feminists are all going to be on my ass about this. Who cares.

I think "men" should be able to provide for their woman. Plain and simple. I'm not against letting the woman pay but the guy's always gotta have their shit together. If your woman doesn't have enough money to pay, it's expected that you should.

Final words: Don't be Mr. Hypebeast I try too hard to impress but really I'm a broke ass weak sauce mofo who can't even pay for my own food, in fact I don't even have 36-cents to my name boyfriend guy.

Dressed up..

  is it just me or does it bother you too when you see some one thats dressed up, in say a formal attire.. and then  you see them pay for something to eat, drink and etc.. they pull out a wallet that a 12 year old kiid would have.. like a cheap lil wallet with stoooopid ass prints on it.. thats soooo fukken stooopid. god damn.. that shit annoys the shit out of me..

i mean seriously.. if ur in an upscale get up.. u should have a wallet thats upscale too right?


Thursday, November 13, 2008

the Ex..

   why is it that after the relationship is over.. u tend to go look back to that persons myspace or wat have you.. i just did that this evening.. fukk.. i dont noe why but i felt weird lookin at her page.. finding out that she has a new BF.. i dont know.. i think that its just the initial shock of it.. i should be over it by the moring.. but damn.. i just feels weird.. 

fuck that she still owes me a new camera..

Dave & Busters fails me.

Damn you Dave & Busters for serving beer that has gone bad. I couldn't even drink half my beer because it tasted like rust. And damn your flaming bartender man for not bringing us our miniburgers you douche. I'm over D&B.

Don't be the backseat bitch.

The other day I was walking down Main Street in HB when I noticed a Porsche roll by. As it passed I looked and saw that there were 3 dudes in there. 2 in the front and one dude scrunched up in the backseat with his head almost pressed against the window because there's no room in the back of a car with 2+2 seating. I know it's a porsche Guy and I'm sure you 3 are trying to roll around and pick up chicks but you look like a douche in the back. Don't be a douche.