Friday, December 5, 2008

Dress Up.. Pt 2

"hmmm thairone this is so stupid this doesnt make any sense imma back up dudes with cheap wallets and yea as for me, i dont have a wallet for a 12 years old mine is around a 6 to 7 years old kids wallet. YOu say you hate biotches that dress up nice and dont have a nice wallet why does it matter ?? i mean thats your opinion i respect that but really does it matter ?? If he does have a nice wallet does he even have money in it ???? A foo with a nice wallet and NO MONEY is just plain STUPID and a Window shopper. and a POSER !!! so ill rather have a cheap wallet and get things that matter..Like food and things for my family. I see niggaz with like LV wallet Coach and like buys food at jack In the box or some cheap restaurant and have to ask there friends to spot them with food. WOW now Those are fools you should hate. And even with a cheap a wallet i can still get what i want get my girl a $750 dollar purse or like a 1500 dollar dog.. I might have a cheap wallet but yea like how that song goes.. " I got money in bank shwaty what u drank". So yea to all them boyz with cheap wallets keep on hustlin !!!!!" - terrence

hahaha.. i never said that u need to get an expensive ass wallet.. i just said that they should get a wallet thats age appropriate.. i mean honestly.. is that such a hard thing to do.. and yes this is just my oppinion.. it doesnt bother me if i offent people.. hahah. .jk jk.. but it is my opinion.. im just voucin git out..

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