Sunday, December 7, 2008

I hate old people.

Old people suck and there's just too damn many of them. I think if you're old, you can't walk, can't wipe your own ass, you should be euthanized. I think anyone who doesn't contribute to society should be put to death. Ask yourself the true purpose of living. It is to give back to society. If you no longer can contribute then you are useless. It's sad, I know. wah wah wah. But old people are nice and all that other stuff. Whatever. I never said ALL old people must die, just the one's who no longer function as a member of society. If you're old but you can still take care of grandkids then you still are a useful person. Congratulations, your life is safe.I'm talking about the old people who just suck. I mean face it. We humans are so scared of facing the truth that we always find ways to lie to ourselves. Instead of just accepting the fact that when we get old, we are in fact dying! Actually, think about this: From the second you are born, you gradually start dying after that; the disease: life. OK so maybe that's a little pessimistic but like after you're 24 years old, things start to go downhill. You start aging. What do you think aging is? It's fucking DYING. SO old people, you're so damn close to death you don't even know it. Your skin is hanging off, your vision is going away, you can't walk or run as much anymore, your immune system is weaker and your brain is starting to rot so you have memory problems, you drive in the left lane at like 35 miles an hour. What the fuck are you doing with a deadly weapon in your hand? That's right the car, you're behind the wheel, your hands are on the wheel, you're in control of a 3,500 pound deadly weapon! Get the fuck off the road!

Ok... no where was I. Oh yeah, old people. Actually people in general. If you don't contribute positively to society is there really a use for you? Criminals, retards, murderers, old people, handicaps whatever. It seems like I'm being harsh but lets face it. The world can't provide enough resources to sustain all humans and with advances in the medical field we live forever! Life is long, we take it for granted. Do we forget that it can be over at any time? I think people need to live shorter more fulfilling lives instead of long dragged out shitty ones. Bye bye for now.

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Tyrone said...

i think thats a bit much sir..

- ty